My work while in progress is densely layered, and often lingers in ambiguity before revealing itself. I live with it, watching, looking for clues to follow. A painting can come to life in a moment, but frequently this process takes years, with each preceding layer forming part of its history. The completed piece often does not represent anything specific, rather it becomes as if it were a fragment of nature itself. That, at least, is my hope. Rock clusters and waterfalls, atmospheric light, mist, stone walls, biological shapes, architectural constructs, outer space, human anatomy, graffiti and plant life are some of many elements which may appear and intermingle.

I am also inspired by: moonlight, the pulse of drumming, decisive and complex sidewalk cracks, frenetic music, the stirring of wine ... and intrigued by: brownish paintings in dusty lodges, antiquated record labels, mathematical equations, theories on the origin of the universe, etc. ...

How tedious to write artist’s statements, I’ll soon lose my desire to paint !

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inlays September, 2001 Miscellaneous Abstract from Joe's Painting